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Our Practitioners

Both Zoraida (Zory) and Sanatana are initiated disciples of Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaj Goswami ji, a world known preacher of ancient Indian culture, Vedic culture, and Bhakti-yoga. Zory and Sanatana have an outstanding reputation for practicing and applying the principles and essentials of Bhakti Yoga, Qigong Healing, Holistic Wellness, and Vedic Healing Arts to their therapeutic treatments.  Their clients describe experiencing healing, relaxation, meditation like state and inner peace clearly, while they are receiving a therapeutic session from them.  Our practicioners have jointly created an atmosphere with a practical focus on healing and pain relief in mind, providing that relaxation that clients experience only at Massage For The Soul treatments rooms. They both feel constantly moved and inspired by the responses of their customers requests and update their knowledge by continuously participating in continue education courses.


"This is called Bhakti-yoga. What is the meaning of yoga? If there are two or more things and we combine them or tighten them together, this is yoga. 1+1 equals 2 – this is yoga. When a soul is connected with God, this is pure yoga – bhakti-yoga. If we want to connect two bricks, we must bring some ingredient that will connect them, like mud or cement, and then they will be connected. If one wants to connect souls with God, there must be something added to bond them. What is that? It is love and affection. If we have love and affection for you, you will have love and affection for us. In this world everything is tightened by love and affection, but here it is not pure."

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaja Gosvami



imageZoraida Alvarez, BA. L.M.T.(aka. Zory or Haripriya Devi Dasi)



  • Experience massage therapist and intuitive healer with 25+ years on the holistic wellness and health field; dedicate to provide quality therapeutic massages and educating people on overall health and wellness
  • Variety of Continue Education Programs, Nationally & Internationally, 1980 - Present
  • Licensed & certified massage therapist in Maryland, Distric of Columbia, and Florida. Graduated from Massage Therapy programs in Florida, Dominican Republic and India.
  • Succeeded in building an efficient private practice while working alongside other massage therapists.
  • Able to uphold moral ethics to help promote a positive view on the therapeutic massage industry.
  • Educates clients in proper care and empowered individuals take steps to improve their health.
  • Qualified and certified in: Sports Massage, Reflexology, Polarity, Cranial-Sacral therapy, Lymphatic drainage, pain relief therapies, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular, Myofacial Release, Chair massage, Swedish massage & Hydrotherapy, Cold & Hot stone massage, Aromatherapy, Prenatal & Infant Massage, Geriatric Massage, Body stretching and ROM, Kinesiology & Muscle testing therapy, Prenatal/side-lying massage, Aryuvedic & Ancient traditional Indian Head massage.
  • Also experience in Spa services, Lypossage therapy certified, CPR, First Aid.
  • Over 25 years practicing and instructing the healing arts of Mantra Yoga Meditation, Hatha & Bhakti Yoga which she has been intiated and authorized by her spiritual masters in India, Certified Qigong Level I Instructor/ Level I Healing Form, Wellness, and Nutrition.
  • Professional experience includes working with national & international companies as a massage therapy mentor and trainer, Therapeutic Spa services for VIP and Celebrities, as well as providing a variety of instructional and business consulting.
  • Member of AMTA since 2009 to present.



Wilfred Pickett Jr. (a.k.a. Sanatana) 




Wilfred is also the present director of RupaRaghunanthaGaudiya Math,

Inc which is a yoga society that teaches the arts of Vedic science and Oriental Healing Arts Techniques to become more in tune with spiritual and holistic environment.  Rapa Raghunatha presently has about fifty members at its local chapter.

Wilfred Pickett is a Certified QiGong Level I Instructor / Level I Healing Form, in 1985 began studying Tai Chi Ch’uan and in 1990 took up the study of the other two phases of the arts which make up Nei Chia KuoShu system under Sifu Freddy L. Mcshann. And in 1994 was promoted to teach the arts which Wilfred had studied over 10 years. Wilfred completed his Massage Certification at Baltimore School of Massage.

In 1995 Wilfred took up the study of shiashu under Sharon Boneila  and  completed the course of Ohashi Shiatsu, he  was given the authorization to perform shiashu massage since 1996.

In 1979 Wilfred began studying the vedic arts and science of Bhakti yoga. Wilfred has studied the Bhakti Yoga for 0ver 30 yrs. He had gone to India and Studied with the sages of the ancient art and have been give the permission to teach and practice the healing arts of Bhakti Yoga for the mind, body and soul, as well as reflexology and magnetic therapies.